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Chief Operations Officer
European Business Aviation Association
  • Robert BALTUS
    Robert Baltus' aviation experience spans nearly 20 years advising and supporting senior management and executive Boards of a variety of aviation related companies. He has worked for aircraft management, fractional and charter operators and has built strong relationships with the leading business aviation companies in the industry. A business aviation specialist, Baltus is experienced in start-ups, fleet selection, training and strategic change management. He has a business management degree from HES Amsterdam, an MSc in Air Transport Management from Cranfield University and is a commercial pilot rated on the 737.
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Aedrian BEKKER

Aviation psychologist
Center for Aviation Psychology
  • Aedrian BEKKER
    Aedrian Bekker (MA, ClinPsych; MSc, Occ Psych) works as a clinical and organisational aviation psychologist. 
    Having started out as a clinician within the UK’s NHS, Aedrian has worked in aviation and aerospace for the past 20 years. In this time he has built an expertise in both consulting and the project delivery of behavioural interventions at enterprise levels across the globe. 

    In 2016, Aedrian co-founded the Centre for Aviation Psychology with the mission of providing accessible, psychological support to safety critical professions within aviation. Since then he has pioneered and delivered peer support programmes for AOCs of all sizes across Europe and beyond. More recently, he has developed a programme specifically tailored to business and rotatory wing operators, recognising it as an underserved sector of the industry. 
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Carlos BRANA

Senior Executive Vice President Civil Aircraft
Dassault Aviation
  • Carlos BRANA
    Carlos BRANA has been appointed on July 1st 2019, as Senior Executive Vice President, Civil Aircraft at DASSAULT AVIATION. The Civil Aircraft department is in charge of the marketing, sales and support of Falcon aircraft.

    Carlos joined DASSAULT AVIATION (headquarter in France) in 1984 as an engineer in the design office where he worked on the RAFALE demonstrator, the MIRAGE F1 and the MIRAGE 2000 programs. After his MBA, he was appointed as contract manager for Qatar and Taiwan MIRAGE 2000-5 contracts and entered the military jet sales force in 1998. In that position, he led the negotiation team for the RAFALE in Korea and was then appointed as Middle East Vice President of sales. 

    Carlos joined DASSAULT FALCON JET in 2005 (DASSAULT AVIATION owned company based at Teterboro, New-Jersey) as Director of Sales for Asia, and then became Vice President and CEO’s assistant before being appointed as Vice President of Contracts & Specifications in 2008. In that role, he oversaw the Specification team, the Contract team and the Customer Completions Administrators who are taking care of the completion follow-up and the delivery of the aircraft.  

    In August 2013, Carlos is promoted as Senior Vice President of Teterboro Operations, responsible for the Customer Service, Finance, Contracts & Specifications departments. He also oversaw DASSAULT AIRCRAFT SERVICES in charge of the Dassault-owned Service Centers in the western hemisphere. 

    On October 2016, he is appointed Senior Vice President Civil Aircraft to assist former Senior Executive Vice President, Civil Aircraft, particularly on the worldwide sales and marketing fields.
    Carlos is graduated from the Ecole Centrale de Paris in 1982 where he received his engineering degree. He also has an MBA from HEC (France).    
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Eduard CIOFU

Head of the Air Operations Department
  • Eduard CIOFU
    Eduard graduated in 1996 from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest as aeronautical engineer and started his career in 1997 in the Romanian CAA in Bucharest, where he dealt with various topics: environmental protection, internal audit and operator certification. In 2006 Eduard joined EASA where he was in charge of the coordination of the EU SAFA Programme. Since 2015, Eduard is managing the Air Operations Standards Section in EASA, which is responsible for drafting requirements addressing the entire spectrum of air operations. He is managing the project RNO – Return to Normal Operations, a project launched by EASA to support the European member states and industry to cope and recover swiftly and safely from the COVID19 crisis. 

    Since July 2020, Eduard is the Head of the Air Operations Department that is responsible for rulemaking and standardisation in the flied of air operations and aerodromes, SAFA Programme, TCO and also for the oversight of EU operators for which the Agency is acting as Competent Authority. 
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Stéphane DE WOLF

IS-BAO™ EU Operations Specialist
Stéphane DE WOLF
  • Stéphane DE WOLF
    Stéphane represents the IS-BAO programme in Europe, interfaces with authorities and industry bodies on joint projects and initiatives (Part-NCC, SAFA, TCO, etc.), and supports the business aviation community in its efforts to improve safety and standardisation in the industry. Beyond the core tasks of the IS-BAO programme, he’s also part of the team representing business aviation on the ICAO Safety Management Panel and several of its working groups.  
    He first became involved in IS-BAO implementation support, training and auditing in 2005. Since then he also served as chairperson of the Auditors’ Advisory Group and on the IS-BAO Standards Board before joining IBAC in 2017. Background: flight/cabin crew member, flight dispatcher & ramp coordinator, quality auditor/manager, IS-BAO/BAH auditor, compliance monitoring & safety manager (in both manned and unmanned aviation), including experience in a Qualified Entity and at National Competent Authority level. 
    Stephane hold various certificates in business management and safety/risk management from the University of Southern California and the ICHEC Business School. He’s completing an MSc programme in Human Factors and System Safety at Lund University and is a member of the International Society of Air Safety Investigators (ISASI/ESASI). 
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Aerodromes Section Manager
  • Julia EGERER
    Business School (Diplome Grande Ecole de Commerce), Poitiers, France
    M.A. European Studies, Osnabrueck, Germany

    Professional Experience:
    Julia Egerere is Section Manager of the Aerodromes Standards and Implementation section.
    She has joined EASA in 2010, where she was responsible for stakeholder management working with the European Commission and in particular the EASA Committee, European Member States and industry representatives and as senior expert in air operations (OPS), where she developed the European regulatory framework for commercial and non-commercial aviation of Regulation (EU) 965/2012.
    Prior to joining EASA in 2010, Julia worked as an aviation insurance underwriter insuring commercial airlines and assessing airlines’ safety performance and as General Manager for the Association of European Airlines (AEA) in Brussels, representing the interests of Europe’s airlines vis-à-vis European institutions with a focus on airport infrastructure, passenger facilitation, groundhandling and flight time limitations (FTL).
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BALPA Captain A380
European Pilot Peer Support Initiative
    Dave Fielding studied Classics at Cambridge before making the perfectly logical step and becoming an airline pilot. He joined British Airways in 1993 on the Highlands and Islands Division, flying the BAe ATP which taught him a love for Scotland and a hate for aircraft which keep breaking down and have no cockpit heaters. When Highlands Division closed he moved down to London on the B757 and achieved his command on the Airbus A320 in 2001, with perfect timing the day before 9/11. Since then he has been a captain on the B767, B777 and the A380, which is his current type.
    Dave has been a union rep since 1996, and unsurprisingly given his classics background gravitated towards the quasi-legal field of disciplinaries. This led to an interest in alcohol and welfare cases, which in turn led to him creating a BALPA peer intervention programme to identify problem individuals upstream and away from the airline operation. The Germanwings crash of 2015 changed the game dramatically, and he worked with British Airways in the period following to adapt and improve the programme. In January 2017 the Pilots Assistance Network (PAN) became the first peer support programme in Europe to be launched post-Germanwings, and has been a significant success. Most of the major UK airlines have or are in the process of implementing the BALPA / BA programme in some form.
    Dave sits on the Executive Board of the European Pilot Peer Support Initiative (EPPSI) which has drawn together all the European expertise in setting up PPSPs. He has also been closely involved with IPPAC, a global version of EPPSI which aims to promote best practice and standards in Pilot Peer Support worldwide.
    He would love to retire to warmer climes but is too young and finds this work far too interesting.
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Head of Safety Promotion
    John started his aviation career in the RAF, serving as an Engineering Officer on the Tornado aircraft and then within the Military Aviation Authority. 
    He joined EASA in 2011 and is currently EASA’s Head of Safety Actions where he now leads the Agency’s Safety Promotion activity and support the strategic coordination of Safety Intelligence activities.    
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Senior Manager, Safety and Regulatory Affairs
European Business Aviation Association
  • Johan GLANTZ
    Johan Glantz, FRAeS, is currently Senior Manager Safety and Regulatory Affairs at the EBAA.

    Retired from an airline career late 2017 as a Training and Check Captain flying for Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) on the B737NG fleet. His commercial career started in SAS in 1989 as an FO on DC9 and he has since then flown B737NG, A340 and A330 as FO and MD80 and B737NG as Captain. He has been involved in training as a simulator instructor and examiner as well as line training. Prior to SAS, Johan was a career officer with the Royal Swedish Navy, serving both on Surface Warfare Ships and Anti Submarine Helicopters.

    Before joining EBAA and beside flying, Johan held positions as Executive Board Member Technical Affairs at the European Cockpit Association, chaired the Swedish Flight Safety Committee, was a member of the SAS internal investigation and emergency response teams, was active within IFALPA as an expert in Accident Investigation, Safety Management and Flight Data since early 2000.

    He has academic studies in Human Factors/CRM from University West, Sweden and the Air Safety Management program, Ciry University, London.
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Secretary -General
European Business Aviation Association

    Athar has spent the last 25 years as a leader, aero-political negotiator, lawyer, advocacy specialist and CEO in various aviation organisations and companies, in both the public and private arena. Using his experience in the international aero-political world and proven track record in association management, Athar continues to strengthen and advocate for the European business aviation industry in the Brussels’ arena. As Secretary-General of the EBAA, Athar stands at the helm of Europe’s leading aviation association, strengthening the voice of business aviation in Europe at the highest EU political and institutional levels.

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Senior Expert - Air Operations
  • Jeroen JANSEN
    At the age of 14, Jeroen made his first solo-flight in 1982 as a glider pilot while studying to become an aviation maintenance engineer. During his career in a maintenance organisation from 1987 onwards, he acquired his CPL (with IR/FI and frozen ATPL) and started flying commercially in 1993. These flying activities were mainly in aerial work and contracted training and selection activities for the Dutch Air force.

    In 2002, Jeroen joined the Dutch CAA as an inspector for ramp inspections and historical aviation. In 2005, he became the Dutch national coordinator for the ramp inspection programme. As such, he was a member of the steering committee for the ramp inspection programme, which was coordinated by the Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA) at that time.

    Since 2007, the coordination of the programme was assigned to the European Aviation Safety Agency. Jeroen joined EASA in October 2007 as a ramp inspection coordinator and has been working in this domain ever since as acting manager and currently as the senior coordinator.
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Michael LEMAY

Chief Air Safety Investigator
Bombardier Aviation
  • Michael LEMAY
    Mike Lemay is the Chief Air Safety Investigator at Bombardier Aviation. His career at Bombardier began as an engineering student in 1998 and he has grown with the company ever since. Mike has amassed a wealth of experience at Bombardier, having worked across various engineering disciplines including Loads and Dynamics, Flight Sciences, Stress, and Avionics.

    He has been with the Bombardier Air Safety Investigation Office since 2011, supporting accident investigations as a Technical Advisor to Canada’s Transportation Safety Board
    (TSB), the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), and the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) in the U.K., in addition to conducting internal company safety investigations as Investigator-in-Charge.

    Mike represents Bombardier on the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) Safety and Accident Investigation Committee, providing his extensive knowledge to the industry forefront. He is also actively engaged at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) through the Occurrence Validation Study Group (OVSG) and the Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST)/ICAO Common Taxonomy Team (CICTT).

    Mike holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical/Aeronautical Engineering from the École Polytechnique de Montréal, and a Master's Degree in Safety and Accident Investigation from Cranfield University in the U.K. He is a member of the Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec (OIQ) and the International Society of Air Safety Investigators

    He is based at Bombardier Aviation headquarters in Montreal, Canada.
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Antonio LICU

Head of Operational Safety, SQS and Integrated Risk Management Unit
  • Antonio LICU
    Tony is Head of Safety Unit within Network Manager Directorate of EUROCONTROL (European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation). He leads the deployment of safety management and human factors programmes of EUROCONTROL. 
    He has extensive Air Traffic Control operational and engineering background (master degree in avionics).
    Safety Culture and Just Culture are two key areas, where Tony’s aim is to clarify and promote the concepts. In this respect, he leads the initiative to bring together the aviation and judiciary domains. He has particular technical personal developments e.g. safety tools and methods to investigate aviation incidents and accidents, how to mitigate and work under degraded modes of operations and development of contingency plans etc.
    In the past years together with his team, Tony is pushing a paradigm change in Safety management thinking. Safety management should move from ensuring that ‘as few things as possible go wrong’ to ensuring that ‘as many things as possible go right’. This perspective is termed Safety-II or rather System Thinking and relates to the system’s ability to succeed under varying conditions. The foundation for that is System focus. Safety must be considered in the context of the overall system, not isolated individuals, parts, events or outcomes.
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Vice President, European Affairs
General Aviation Manufacturers Association
  • Kyle MARTIN
    Kyle manages the European office of the General Aviation Manufacturers Association. He is responsible for overseeing GAMA's activities in Europe including safety and airworthiness, maintenance, operations and sustainability. He works closely with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and serves on several of the Agency’s advisory bodies and rulemaking groups, as well as working with other leading international regulators. Prior to joining GAMA in 2016, he worked at the Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD) and at Rolls-Royce plc. 

    Kyle is registered as a Chartered Engineer (CEng) with the Engineering Council in the United Kingdom. A native of Northern Ireland, he received his master’s degree with honours in aeronautical engineering from the University of Bristol.
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Director Corporate Aviation & Chief Pilot
Shell Aircraft Limited
  • Stan MEDVED
    Stan is responsible for Royal Dutch Shell’s corporate aircraft fleet based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
    Prior to his current role Stan was the Director Advisory Services at Shell Aircraft and was also the Shell Group Technical Authority for Air Transport.    
    Stan began his career in the Royal Australian Air Force as an engineering officer and pilot.   He served in several engineering and flying roles including line pilot, instructor and maintenance test pilot duties on the C130 Hercules.
    Stan subsequently joined BHP as an aviation advisor supporting world-wide oil & gas and minerals exploration & production activities. He was based in North America before returning to Australia to become BHP’s Manager Aviation Safety.  
    Stan has a degree in Aeronautical Engineering and a Master of Business Administration.  He also holds fixed wing and helicopter professional pilot licences and is currently flying the Dassault Falcon 8X with Shell.    Stan is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, Chair of the EBAA Safety Committee, Chair of the IS-BAO Standards Board and a Board Member of British Business and General Aviation Association. 
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Jeremie NEVEUX

Airworthiness Expert
  • Jeremie NEVEUX
    Jeremie Neveux is Airworthiness expert at EASA. He is responsible to prepare the future regulatory framework in Continuing airworthiness for drones and the introduction of SMS in Maintenance organisations (Part-145). He is also involved in the introduction of SMS in CAMO. In his role, he supported the European Commission in the adoption of Part-CAMO and coordinated implementation support actions with Member States and industry, for example the ‘Guide for transition to Part-CAMO and Part-CAO’ published on the EASA website.
    Before joining EASA in 2008, he was working at Airbus in the A319/A321 Hamburg Delivery Centre and then in Toulouse as leading expert in the A330/A340 Maintenance Programme development (MRBR). 
    Jeremie is graduated from Mechanical Engineering.
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CAMO Regulatory Manager
  • Paulo PESTANA
    Paulo Pestana – Paulo has more than 35 years of experience in Aviation, ranging from Avionics, Simulation, Engine Testing, Project Management, Fleet support and business development and CAMO Management roles.

    He is with NetJets Europe since 2008 and is the responsible for CAMO Regulatory matters, translating agency and NAA regulations and requirements into NetJets Procedures. Paulo also supports modifications, upgrades and compliance with avionics mandates, especially EASA and FAA.
    Paulo is also the EBAA representative at the EASA Engineering & Maintenance Technical Committee (EM.TEC) committee being the voice of Business aviation in Engineering and maintenance matters.

    Paulo holds a Degree in Electronics and Computer Science and a Master Science in Air Transport Management (Cranfield University).
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European Pilot Peer Support Initiative
  • Paul REUTER
    Paul Reuter has been an airline pilot since 1995 is currently a Captain on the Boeing 737-700 and -800 for Luxair, which he joined in 1996.
    Until 2018 a Director, Technical Affairs for the European Cockpit Association, he  is currently the chairman of EPPSI, the European Pilot Peer Support Initiative, regrouping major European Peer Support organizations and promoting Peer Support best practices.
    He has been a member of the EASA Germanwings Task Force and has contributed to the Task Force’s Final Report and is a member of the Steering Board of EASA’s Data4Safety initiative.
    Paul is also involved in the Just Culture aspects of Safety Management and he is an IFALPA Accredited Aviation Accident Investigator. He was also co-chair on the DG Move’s European Industry Just Culture Model Policy Working Group.
    In the past, he was the President of ALPL, Luxembourg’s Airline Pilot Association as well as a member of the Board of Directors for Luxair.
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Accountable Manager
Cat Aviation AG
  • Iris RIESEN
    After my studies in business administration in Berne, Switzerland, I spent most of my working career in aviation.
    First 9 years with Swissair in various Ground Operations and Management functions followed by 2 years sabbatical travelling around Asia/Oceania.

    Thereafter I worked for 20 years with Jet Aviation of which 18 were spent in Singapore and Hong Kong as Managing Director establishing the Asia operations and growing the managed fleet in Asia. In December 2015 I returned to Switzerland and joined Cat Aviation AG as Accountable Manager and am currently furthering my studies and hold a DAS in applied organizational psychology.  
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Manager Safety, Data Analysis and Performance Review
European Business Aviation Association
  • Corina STIUBEI
    Prior to obtaining her Master of Science degree in Aviation Management from FH JOANNEUM – University of Applied Sciences, in Graz, Austria, Corina had graduated from University Politehnica Bucharest with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Air Navigation. 
    Being fascinated about both aviation and space, she started her professional career in a consultancy company whose main clients are the European Institutions, working in the space applications (earth observation, navigation, satellite communications, exploration and situational awareness) and aviation domain. 

    Her biggest professional highlights were the opportunity to be Project Manager for the Hague edition of the European Space Expo, as well as holding the Deputy Project Manager position in the DroneRules project (online platform meant as a one-stop-shop for private and professional drone users).
    Almost 4 years ago Corina decided to return to her first passion – aviation – and joined EBAA as the Manager for Safety Data Analysis and Performance Review.
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Keynote Speakers
  • Edith TIEBER & Kerstin MUMENTHALER
    Edith's biography
    There is no category for Edith. She is a helicopter private pilot who started her academic career in the United States of America, where she was awarded a full scholarship due to her athletic excellence. During her years abroad, she competes in university and professional tournaments. After studying Media and Communications and English Literature she returned to Switzerland where she also graduates as a business economist and earns a post-graduate diploma in applied psychology.
    Her professional milestones include working as a Resource Deployment Manager at IBM before joining Credit Suisse as a Consultant. Most recently, she worked at Flughafen Zurich AG where – amongst others – she built up and managed the market research department. In 2014 she obtains her private pilot’s license for helicopters
    In addition, Edith is a certified coach and consultant in the area of self-management, dealing with contradictions and compatibility of work and family with a focus on stress, resilience, high-performance, comeback and change. Edith is co-founder of #clearedtoland and mother of a son. 

    Kerstin's Biography:
    Kerstin has never wanted anything other than flying and broadening her horizon. Downtime is not her thing, her heart beats for safety and crisis management.
    In addition to her training as an airline pilot, Kerstin was therefore studying for a Master of Science in Air Safety Management and attended various courses in project management. As a former airline pilot, her logbook contains more than 6’000 flight hours on the Airbus A320 type.

    Today she is a Member of the Business Continuity Institute, Partner of HelpKEY GmbH and owns her own brand aim4safety, a consulting firm for Business Continuity and Safety Management. She is a renowned expert in safety and crisis management matters. She is currently pursuing further education at the University of St. Gallen in Change & Innovation Management. Kerstin is mother of a son.
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President Aviation Services
Luxaviation Group


Group Safety Manager
Marketing/PR Manager
ASL Group
  • Maxime WAUTERS
    Maxime started flying gliders at the age of 13 in the Belgian Ardennes. After graduating high school, he started his commercial pilot training and simultaneously started working for a major flight training organisation, holding various functions, including Safety Manager.

    After having spent almost 10 years in the airline pilot training industry, period during which he also followed various aviation-related and management courses, Maxime started his career in the business aviation industry by joining ASL Group both as a pilot, flying the Cessna Citation XLS+ and as Safety Officer & Marketing Manager. Nowadays, Maxime has taken the function of Safety Manager for the Group and now flies as Captain on the Embraer Legacy 450 and 500. He still also manages Marketing for the Group and has become one of the company Directors.

    Maxime is the proud and happy father of a 5 year-old boy and is passionate about jazz, martial arts, motorbikes, sailing and foreign cultures.
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