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Day 1 - Wednesday, 2 November


Welcome Coffee and Lunch 


Opening Speeches (EBAA + EASA)


Supporting the industry in times of crisis, a regulator perspective

Sharing best practices and lessons learnt from the COVID, Ukraine crises and now an unprecedented demand in a time of workforce shortages. Are the regulators equipped to ensure we continue to be a safe and agile industry when the next crisis hits?

Business Aviation Operating in uncertainty, the operators perspective

What has the most agile aviation industry, Business Aviation, learned from the past 2,5 years.

How have the staff and management dealt with the additional burdens, paperwork while still delivering with the same agility and resilience in times of crisis and always ensuring safety. What are the area's that we need to keep and eye on and where do we need to improve.


Coffee Break 


Leadership and Culture in safety

Leaders who demonstrate robust safety leadership are an essential ingredient for a strong, effective safety culture. Through his or her attitude, and the company culture, throught the resources that are deployed by his or her presence in the field, and throught open dialogue, a safety leader knows how to inspire teams and encourage safer behaviour.


Onboarding of Part CAMO

What does the regulator see and expect and how to best prepare your organisation for Part 145 implementation. 

How to for fill the AMC1 ORO.AOC.135 (a)(4) Personnel requirements?




Day 2 - Wednesday, 3 November


Welcome Coffee


Closed session for operators

Identifying the current top safety issues and challenges 

- Rules of engagement


Coffee Break


Panel discussion

Cybersecurity is the current buzz word on an European level and rules and regulations are coming from different agencies within and outside aviation. EASA Part IS on cyber security is coming soon. How to integrate IS in your current Management System - Discussion on implementation challenges for small to medium organisations of Part IS and on it's safety dividend.




Keeping business aviation safe from the Ground Up

How to address the biggest know risks in business aviation: ground operations. Statistically and financially the biggest risk in operationg an aircraft is before the aircraft take's off and after it lands. At the same time it seems to be the area that is least trained and audited. How best to address this for your organisation.


Panel session



Conclusion Safety Summit

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